BIGHEAD (former name: ELEKIP)

Beginning my music activities early on in my teens, BIGHEAD mastered the guitar, bass, drums, mix equipment and so on. I went on to major in art at university. And after working at a music production company, I became a free composer responsible for producing, arranging and recording CM music. Starting in 2012, I began producing vocaloid music using “Hatsune Miku”.

In 2014 “Story Rider” (electric P name) was played in the opening act by Lady Gaga ‘s concert’ Hatsune Miku ‘in Lady Gaga’s art RAVE: the ARTPOP ball (16 North American plays). In the same year, renamed it to BIGHEAD and composed the theme song “Sharing The World” of Hatsune Miku’s world tour “HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2014 in LA & NY”. Venue Show off DJ play at Los Angeles after party.

The song was broadcasted on the nationwide popular program CBS “Late Show With David Letterman”, as well as PV videos of “Shogi Den-O Final FINAL” and “Hatsune Miku-Project Diva-X” around the world. In addition, I am doing a wide range of activities including team theme song of GOODSMILE RACING, handling snowmix snow sports line official theme songs. In 2017, as a DJ, I played a total of 8 locations in overseas large festivals such as “DOKOMI 2017” held in Düsseldorf, Germany and “ANIME EXPO 2017” held in LA as well as events throughout Japan.





 2014年「Story Rider」(エレキP名義)がLady Gagaのコンサート「Lady Gaga's artRAVE: the ARTPOP ball 」(北米16ヶ所公演)の初音ミクによるオープニングアクトで演奏された。

 同年、名義をBIGHEADに改め、初音ミクの世界ツアー「HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2014 in LA&NY」のテーマ曲「Sharing The World」を作曲。開催地ロサンゼルスのアフターパーティーにて初のDJ出演を果たす。

 同楽曲は全米放送の人気番組CBS『 Late Show With David Letterman』で放送されたほか、「将棋 電王戦 FINAL」のPV動画や「初音ミク-Project Diva -X」など世界中で使用されている。

 その他、GOODSMILE RACINGのチームテーマソング、雪ミクスノース


 2017年以降は、DJとしてドイツ『DOKOMI 2017』、ロサンゼルス『ANIME EXPO 2017』、オースティン『Ikkikon 2018』、香港『MIKUEXPO』といった海外イベントや、『マジカルミライ』などの国内イベントに招聘され出演している。